Friday, September 20, 2019
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Beware of Fall Fire Risks

Outdoor Fall Fire Safety Tips Clear your roof and gutters of unnecessary build up of debris, such as pine needles and leaves. Learn the outdoor burning regulations in your area, and do...

Cooler Weather on the Way

Dry, cooler, & less humid weather will prevail until early next week.

Very Foggy This Morning

Please be careful on your commute,  It's very foggy in low areas this morning. Travel safe!

Family Grows Weary of Hurricanes

A local family tires of hurricanes and now Maria.  Watch below.

Department of Fish and Wildlife Weigh in on Deer Disease

Recent reports have stated that there are increased numbers of diseased deer spotted in Kentucky, especially in the Eastern part of the state. However, according to Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Education Representative...

Former Kentuckians Report on Weathering out Irma

Irma may have been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves up through Florida, but millions are now out of power and have sustained quite a bit of damage from what was the...

Irma’s Coming to Florida

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Kentucky Voices in Irma’s Path

Hurricane Irma is officially one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, and the Category 5 hurricane is set to hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands before heading towards the US. [youtube] Many in...