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Richmond City Commissioner Discusses Fireworks Ordinances, Recent Trends in Sales

Perhaps the most notable staple of the 4th of July holiday is fireworks. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors and many find joy in seeing the bright lights in the skies at night. However, some people have voiced concerns over recent trends of fireworks being set off in close proximity of residential areas.

Not only are fireworks eye-catching, but they often go out with a bang. Noise complaints account for a large percentage of calls made to safety and government officials when it comes to fireworks, and that is true for citizens of Richmond as well.

“We do have an ordinance with fireworks. Within city limits, they’re not to be shot off after midnight or within two hundred feet of a building,” says Richmond City Commissioner Rob Minerich.

Minerich states that he has seen a near 80 percent increase in sales of residential fireworks. One potential reason for this is the safety concern that comes with the unknown nature of COVID-19. According to Minerich, many major fireworks displays (such as shows held by cities) were cancelled this year because of this. This resulted in commercial fireworks sales experiencing a decrease of roughly 60 percent.

However, for those who aren’t fans of the holiday tradition, there are suggestions being made to attempt to reduce the number of pyrotechnic displays being set off in Richmond’s residential areas.

Minerich says Mayor Robert Blythe suggested the idea of providing fireworks vendors with copies of the local ordinances to give to customers when they make a purchase at their stands next year. This along with educating the public about local fireworks ordinances through social media platforms are just some of the ways that the City of Richmond is hoping to ensure a safer holiday next July.

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