Richmond, KY
2:15 am, February 22, 2024
temperature icon 56°F
overcast clouds
Humidity 38 %
Wind Gust: 24 mph

NWS issues excessive heat warning

The heat has increased so much that we are now under a heat advisory in the eastern part of the state and excessive heat warning here in central Kentucky. The heat index will most likely reach into the triple digits for the weekend, around 105 for central Kentucky and as high as 110 for western […]

Hot and dry weekend

Today the humidity is a little lower with highs in the mid-80’s.  Tonight temps fall down to around 66 degrees. Tomorrow we will be warming back up with highs back around 90 degrees. The weekend is looking hot and dry, get out and enjoy it before all the rain moves in next week. 

Chance of some rain and storms tomorrow

Highs for today will reach into the low 90’s, several degrees above average.  Overnight we drop down into the low to mid 70’s.  Tomorrow, we have the chance to see some rain and storms most likely in the afternoon.   Highs for Thursday will cool down just a touch, only making it to around 88 degrees.  […]

Predicted rain and storms tomorrow

Today highs will top out in the very high 80’s with the dew point making the feel like temperature reach well into the 90’s. This afternoon we have a very slight risk for some pop-up storms.  Overnight temps drop into the low 70’s. Tomorrow a little better chance for some more wide spread rain and storms.  […]

Fourth of July Weather Forecast

The typical July weather continues as we move into the Independence Day celebrations and the holiday weekend.  Highs for today continue to float around that 90-degree mark with an increased risk for some rain and storms as we move into the afternoon and evening.  Tonight, lows will drop down to around 70 degrees with the […]

Chance of storms increase as we move through the week

Highs for the first day of July will top out around 90 degrees with the possibility of some pop up storms through the afternoon and evening.  Tonight, lows will drop to around 70 degrees.  Tomorrow, a little better chance for more widespread storms. The chance for storms increase and the temperatures will decrease as we […]

Temperature gets warmer this week

Highs today will top out in the mid 80’s with lows tonight dropping to around 68 degrees.  Tomorrow, more sun and more heat as the temperature increases. Highs for Thursday will be around the 90 degree mark, probably realistically making it to around 88 degrees. As we get into the heat of the summer, we […]

Starting to look like summer!

A warming trend is going to follow us all the way into the weekend with highs on Friday possibly reaching into the 90’s.  Today highs in the low 80’s with overnight temps dropping down into the mid 60’s.  Tomorrow a little warmer as this gradual warm-up continues, highs in the mid 80’s and more sun.  […]

Tomorrow is the first official day of summer

The area has been absolutely covered up by one line of rain and storms after another.  We are seeing several creeks filling up their banks with rushing water.  In the last 24 hours alone, there have been between an inch and a half to almost 2 inches in many areas.  These are prime conditions for […]

Heavy rain, strong wind and possibly hail will be a threat tonight

Today highs in the low 80’s, but it is going to feel warmer as the humidity is really kicking up between the continuous rounds of rain that has plagued us for a week now.  Tonight, stay weather alert as locally heavy rain, strong wind and possibly hail will be a threat.  Lows will drop into […]

Lots of rain this week!

The entire work week is going to be a repeat of what we saw this weekend.  Lots of rain,  Lots of storms with some intermittent sun tossed in here and there.  It will also be considerably more humid than what we have seen so far this month.  Today, highs in the mid 80’s with more […]

No rain in the forecast tomorrow!

Opportunity for a few scattered showers and storms into the afternoon and overnight.  Highs today in the mid to upper 60’s with overnight lows getting very cool, dropping down into the mid 40’s. Tomorrow is looking really nice too.  Highs for Friday will top out around 70 degrees and it looks it’s going to be […]

Some rain and storms tonight

Highs today is in the low 70’s.  Overnight, we will see some storms with lows dropping into the upper 50’s.  Tomorrow, a very unseasonable day with highs only reaching into the mid 60’s.  We are running a good 10 to 15 degrees below average for mid-June.  Friday is looking dry with more cool temps and […]

Rain returns tomorrow

Highs in the low to mid 70’s, very unusual for mid-June, average temps are generally a good 10 to 15 degrees warmer this time of the year.  Lots of sunny skies and for tonight, the temps will drop down into the mid 50’s for another cool overnight.  Tomorrow, the rain returns with showers moving back […]

Tuesday appears to be the best chance for a dry day

Over the past 5 or so days, Here in Kentucky, we have measured anywhere from 3 to over 6 inches of rain, depending on the area.  As a result, we have seen many flood-prone areas spill over their banks.  Today, sporadic rainfall, with highs in the mid 70 degrees.  Overnight, lows fall into the low […]

Another round of rain and storms moving in tonight

Mostly cloudy skies for today with temps in the low 80’s.  Tonight temps will drop into the mid to upper 60’s with another round of rain and storms moving into the bluegrass, doesn’t look like it will be anything like what blew through last night, mostly just a rain event with locally heavy rains at […]

Rain will return tonight with possibility of high wind and hail

Rain moved through the area mid-morning followed by a period of sun and later this evening the rain will return and bring with it the possibility of high wind and hail and very heavy rainfall.  Mid-afternoon brings sun and clearing skies and that will allow us to heat up into the mid 80’s for daytime […]

Severe Weather Coming in Wednesday

What a beautiful day in the Bluegrass.  Cooler temps, very low humidity and sunny skies!  That all makes a very nice Monday to start off your work week, however, by mid week we are in for a big change.  Enjoy the next couple of days before the change comes in on Wednesday.  Today highs in […]

First weekend of June weather forecast

Today a mix of sunny skies and then heavy rain that has included strong winds and hail in some areas.  This is going to be the trend for the remainder of the afternoon.  Tonight we should settle down a little, weather-wise for a calmer overnight.  Highs today will be in the mid 70’s with overnight […]

Increased risk of rain and storms tonight

As we move through the afternoon and into the overnight, we will see an increased risk for rain and storms.  Highs today, still in the low 80’s, but as that cold front moves into the area we will see cooler daytime highs this weekend.  tonight, a little cooler with temps dropping down to around 60 […]

The rain and storm continues tomorrow

Today we will see an increased risk of severe weather, but the worst weather still stays off to our west.  As we move into the afternoon, we will see an increased chance of scattered rain and storms with the best chance being in northern Kentucky.  Highs today will stay warm, but with this next system, […]

Slight chance for some pop-up showers and storms in Central Kentucky

We have a slight chance for some pop-up showers and storms here in Central Kentucky with daytime highs reaching into the mid-’80s.  Tonight, not going to cool down much with lows down around 70 degrees.  Tomorrow, more heat and with partly sunny skies and highs around 90 degrees.  Staying hot for the long weekend too […]