Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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New Addition to Downtown Richmond Seeks to Ease Parking Woes

[youtube] WBONtv had a chance to stop in and talk to Mayor Robert Blythe about the parking problem downtown. "We have offered solutions, proposals...

City Manager Minerich Talks New Year Changes, Downtown Development

With the new administration in Richmond City government, there may soon be some changes here in the heart of Madison County. WBONtv spoke to still...

EKU Opens First Parking Garage Today to Help Ease Parking Woes

Today was the ribbon-cutting for the first parking garage on the University's campus. From a press release from Eastern Kentucky University: " Parking on college campuses:...

The Price to Park

The new parking garage on Eastern Kentucky University's campus is still under construction and it does not appear that it will be done...