Friday, July 1, 2022
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Grendalyn Goes to the Citizens Police Academy: First Night!

In the first segment of our series following our Classic Request Live Hostess Grendalyn Morton going through Madison County's Citizens Police Academy, Grendalyn says...

Almost EKUs Day


Eastern Scholar House Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Today

In the heart of Eastern Kentucky University’s campus today, the brand new Eastern Scholar House Program held its ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication. The...

Fun Times at Hummel Planetarium Today for the Eclipse Party!

WBON-TV visted the pre-party at the Hummel Planetarium for the eclipse, in which hundreds of people showed up in the early morning hours in...

EKU Freshmen Walk the Walk

Today on EKU's campus, the Welcome week activities continued to gear up both new and old colonels for the coming school year. [youtube] WBON-TV's Nolan...

EKU President Benson Delivers Fall 2017 Convocation Address

[youtube] Today on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University, President Michael Benson delivered his annual Convocation Address to faculty and staff of the University....

Hummel Planetarium to Host Free Viewing Party on Eclipse Day!

[youtube] WBON TV went to the Hummel Planetarium on EKU's campus today to talk all things 2017 Solar Eclipse with Planetarium Educator Aida Bermudez. Bermudez...

Dupree Hall on EKU’s Campus Coming Down

[youtube] Dupree Hall on Eastern Kentucky University's campus is in the process of being torn down, beginning today with the large wrecking ball you...

Aramark and EKU Respond

Eastern Kentucky University and Aramark responds to a story we covered late last week regarding the university's contract with Aramark.  Watch below.