Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Fun Times at Hummel Planetarium Today for the Eclipse Party!

WBON-TV visted the pre-party at the Hummel Planetarium for the eclipse, in which hundreds of people showed up in the early morning hours in...

WBON TV Highlights From the Astronomy Observation Deck at EKU

[youtube] After all the excitement and large crowds across the street at the Hummel Planetarium, WBON TV went to the observation deck to witness...

Free Lunch Announced by Madison County Schools

[youtube] The school year is about to begin, so WBON-TV thought it no better time to visit Madison County Schools to have a chat...

Hummel Planetarium to Host Free Viewing Party on Eclipse Day!

[youtube] WBON TV went to the Hummel Planetarium on EKU's campus today to talk all things 2017 Solar Eclipse with Planetarium Educator Aida Bermudez. Bermudez...