Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Rain Showers to Stick Around Through Overnight

[youtube] The warm above-average temps hang on for the rest of the day before cooler temps cover the state. We started out with some dense fog and rain...

More Rain Incoming Over the Next Couple Days

[youtube] The clouds are finally breaking up across the Bluegrass. Depending on your location, you may have gotten anywhere from no rain at all to over an inch...

Today’s Mild Weather is More than Welcome After the Weekend

[youtube] We have some sunshine out there today, a definite contrast from the severe weather that hammered the eastern half of the US over the weekend. There...

Concord and Charlie Norris Roads Weather Damage Photo Collection A few pics sent in from viewers of the weather damage that took place this past weekend at Charlie Norris and Concord roads

A Sight to Behold: The Aftermath of the Weekend Severe Storm

[youtube] Numerous locations around Madison County were rocked during Saturday's severe storm, including the 1340 WEKY-AM transmitter site. See how the storm affected the site...

The Weekend Looks Warm & Stormy

[youtube] It's warm and windy and very "un-January" like. We are on track to set a new high-temperature record for today and most likely tomorrow as well.

A January Heatwave? Temps Continue to Rise Throughout the Weekend

[youtube] There's a little more cloud cover out there today, but the temps continue to rise. We have highs today that are much warmer than...

Our Mostly Sunny Streak Continues!

[youtube] We are looking good today with slightly above-average temps with lots of sun. We are going to keep the warmer temps, but lose the sunshine as we...

Morning snow flurries have given way to sunshine and warmer temperatures

[youtube] There's lots of sun and warmer temps out there for your Tuesday. We had a few snow flurries that moved through the area this morning with some...

The sun will not be in town for very long

[youtube] More sun and more seasonable temps are here to start out the new week. Enjoy the sun today, because it's not going to stay around very long.