Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Windy conditions in our area. Watch the weather forecast for any weather advisories

Today the highs will reach into the 70's for the last of the very warm days before the cooler temps move back into the area.  Tonight we will...

Warm weather this week! Watch the weather forecast with Grendalyn Morton

Today we will see highs in the upper 60's with some strong winds and rain moving in tonight.  Overnight lows will drop to around 55 degrees with the rain...

New storms to develop Thursday afternoon

A strong low pressure system will move out of the Central Plains into the Upper Midwest Thursday. Ahead of this storm, breezy conditions will develop across Kentucky and Southern Indiana this afternoon....

Grendalyn is back! Check out the weather forecast for this week

Over the next three days, we will see temperatures increase an average of 10 degrees a day.  Thursday, we could see highs in the...

3 Day Weather Forecast with Michael Watkins

Weekend weather forecast with Michael Watkins

KY Transportation Crews to Mobilize Ahead of Snow Tonight

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has announced that crews here in District 7 will hit the roads at midnight to get ahead of the impending snow. Madison, Estill, and Garrard counties are added...

Community Weather Watch 3-6-19


Community Trust Weather Forecast 3-6-19

[youtube] Today is going to be frigid with highs only reaching into the upper 20’s. It may take a couple of days just to get a daytime high...