Richmond home of C. Wesley Morgan site of filming by BET


Many local Madison County residents have seen the signs on Willis Branch Road referring to “sets, “extra’s” “movie trailers, etc.” It is obvious someone is filming or doing some kind of production there, and most are curious as to what it is and wondering if it is related to the Morgan home. 

The answer is BET’s ‘After Happily Ever After’ is filming at the Morgan home. This dating reality series involves exes from a divorce or separation as their former partners’ wingmen/wingwomen to help them move on and find love again. Hosted by the famous rapper Bow Wow, it stands out from other shows that follow similar formats. In the BET show, the host throws a singles party with a group of prospects for the candidates. To add to the uniqueness and twist of the show, these parties are only attended by their ex-partners as they determine the best match for their former better halves.

After a match is selected, the chosen prospect moves into the house to spend 48 hours with their former spouse or partner. After two days of getting to know each other, the candidate decides if they want to keep dating the prospect or have another chance at meeting someone new. While the unique premise of the series and the drama keep the viewers invested, the picturesque and luxurious house in the backdrop makes them wonder where ‘After Happily Ever After’ is shot. 

The answer is the show is filming part of the series at the home of Wesley Morgan. The home is best known by locals as the site of the horrendous murder and attack on the Morgan family earlier this year in February. That is when 23-year-old Shannon Gilday broke into the home murdering 32-year-old Jordan Morgan and wounding her father, former state representative C. Wesley Morgan.

Gilday’s motive, was led by his belief that the country and the world was facing nuclear war and he wanted access to the bunker built beneath the Morgan home, built to withstand most natural or man-made disasters. 

The home, which sits on a 200-acre lot on Willis Branch Road, had been listed for sale, and the online listing included photos and description of the bunker, which became an obsession for Gilday.

Despite all the makings for an unbelievable true story movie, this production has nothing to do with the history of the home or murder there, but rather the lavish layout that is being utilized for the backdrop of the show.

Over the years, Kentucky has hosted the production of many movies and TV shows; some notable ones that have utilized the locales of the state are ‘Dreamer,’ ‘The Art of Self-Defense,’ ‘Secretariat,’ and ‘Girl/Girl Scene.’ Follow the show for future showtimes and episodes.

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