Wesley files bill to ensure boys and girls use proper bathrooms and locker rooms


91st District Representative Bill Wesley recently filed BR 103, which basically states you’re a male or a female. Those are your only choices. Wesley states “It’s not complicated. my second bill is BR 384 and is another simple one too. Males will go to male bathrooms and male locker rooms, they will NOT be allowed to go in the girl’s bathrooms or girls’ locker rooms.”

Wesley says part of his motivation was a case in Virginia. where a 15-year-old male decided he wanted to be a girl. Wesley says, “While in his confused state of mind, he was assaulting little girls in the girl’s bathrooms. The parents of the assaulted girls were outraged and went to the school board. While complaining about what happened, the parents were condemned by the board. ( Va. Supreme Court affirms probe of Loudon sexual assaults can continue).

Wesley says he doesn’t want to see that happen here in the Commonwealth for any of our children. “One encounter with something like this will absolutely destroy a young child for the rest of his or her life,” Wesley said.

The bill is titled, “an act relating to student privacy and declaring an emergency,” meaning, that if the bill is passed, it will go into effect immediately.

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