Child Abuse Results in 3 Residents Arrests in Madison County Home


Last Friday, in the area of All Saints Way the Richmond Police Department were dispatched to a call in reference to a child abuse complaint. The initial caller identified as 27 year-old Aaron Brown advised officials that his sister was allegedly abusing his nephew because she was upset at him.

Officers arrived on scene and reportedly found a 3 year-old boy with deep marks to both sides of his face. They then report speaking with the mother of the child, 25-year-old Maegan Brown who admitted to hitting her child in the face. Responding officers report observing human waste smeared on the walls in the child’s bedroom from an angle outside.

Maegan Brown then advised officers that the 3 year old poked a hole in the wall with a rod which is why she hit him and that she didn’t mean to hit him in the face when she was “whipping him”. Brown consented to a let officers in and when questioned about the feces in the child’s room she advised that her son throws his feces everywhere and she’s tried to clean it up.

Police report speaking to Aaron Brown, the brother of Maegan Brown who stated that he lived with his sister for over a year. Aaron Brown stated that he told his sister about the damage to the wall caused by his nephew and allegedly heard her cuss and hit her son in the other room . Aaron Brown then stated to officials that’s when he decided to call police and report his sister for abuse.

Police also report making contact with 53-year old Leona Burns, the mother of Maegan Brown who also advised police that she knew her daughter would keep her grandson locked in the room for an extensive period of time and advised officers that she had been gone all weekend and found the child locked in his room alone when she returned.

All three individuals were arrested and lodged in the Madison County Detention Center on Charges of Criminal Abuse 1st Degree Towards a Child 12 and Under

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