FBI Seeks Man Who Was Allegedly Soliciting Nudes from Minors


By Copelin Petersen

An alleged sexual predator is being sought after by the FBI. David Patrick Sheffield of Florida has allegedly been using social media to solicit nude photos and videos from minors in return for the promise of money.

After receiving the videos and photos Sheffield would allegedly extort the minors and their families, distributing and using the content as blackmail. The FBI is warning that he could have operated in Kentucky. Some of his known internet handles are davew5944, venamis1995, dakota-white-74, and dave-muenster-99.

Some of Sheffield’s alias’s include David White, Damien White, Damien Donahue, and Craiger Strout. Sheffield has a nautical star tattooed on his chest and is to be considered armed and dangerous.

FBI asks that you contact them if you have any information on Sheffield and offers a reward for any information that leads to his arrest.