Alleged Domestic Abuser “Un-Covered” After Domestic Violence Complaint


In the early morning hours of today, the Richmond Police Department was dispatched to Gibson Lane in reference to a domestic violence call.

Upon arrival, police report speaking to the victim who stated that she and 53-year-old John Tonge have been in an active relationship and living in the same residence since June 2022.

She further reportedly said that her and Tonge had been arguing after going to bed together, where she accidentally pulled the covers off of Tonge, causing him to become allegedly irate.

She continued to state to police that Tonge allegedly grabbed her by the forearms and then began pushing her chest into the bed causing her pain. She then stated she escaped to the kitchen to call police, that’s when Tonge allegedly grabbed a knife and threatened to cut the victims throat.

Upon contact with Tonge police report that he admitted to arguing with the victim and becoming angry when she pulled the covers off of him, but denied any involvement with the knife. Police arrested Tonge and according to reports he stated “now that she lied on me I really am going to do something to her now”

Tonge was transported to the Madison County Detention Center on charges of Terroristic Threatening and Assault 4th Degree.