Disturbance at the Hospital Leads to Arrest of Madison County Women


This past Sunday, 66-year-old Patricia Stamper was reportedly transported to Baptist Health in reference to a blood draw related to a DUI.

Stamper however allegedly refused to consent to the blood draw, a search warrant was then petitioned for and signed to obtain a blood sample. According to the citation Stamper continued to refuse and while inside the emergency room she allegedly began to scream and yell obscenities while also threatening to assault officers and nurses.

Reportedly Stamper had to be restrained to start the blood draw. During the procedure it was also reported that Stamper started thrashing around causing the needle to pull out and make Stamper began to bleed.

Stamper also allegedly verbally assaulted a security guard by calling him a racist slur. The security refused to press charges.

Stamper was arrested and lodged in the Madison County Detention Center on charges of Disorderly Conduct 2nd Degree, Menacing and Assault 3rd Degree of a Peace Officer.