Berea Man Arrested After Public Intoxication Complaint


This past Saturday, Berea Police report receiving a complaint regarding a male subject allegedly under the influence behind Dollar Tree near the dumpsters.

Upon arrival police report locating and identifying the subject as 33-year-old James Willis. According to the citation Willis drifted in and out of consciousness while speaking to officers. Police report observing pin point pupils on Willis. Allegedly has Willis began to explain his tiredness, he started to uncontrollably vomit .

EMS arrived on scene to check Willis, but he was searched for weapons before seeing medical. There Willis admitted to having a needle in his pocket. Willis also allegedly told police that he was under the influence of heroin. After the pat down police report finding a small bag of marijuana and a crushed up substance believed to be heroin in his pocket

Willis was arrested and lodged on charges of Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Subtance 1st Degree and Public Intoxication.

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