Pedway woes continue for EKU


Many local residents may remember that EKU experienced some bad luck with the Lancaster Avenue pedway about six years ago. On September 9, 2016 a semi-truck driver drove down Lancaster Avenue with the dump bed in a raised position and struck the Lancaster Avenue pedway. The accident caused the support beams of the pedway to separate and the floor to have a catastrophic failure. Now another pedway is under construction over the bypass, by a general contracting and build design firm from Lexington, called Omni. This new pedway will connect the Keene Hall area and the EKU Center for the Arts to the main EKU campus. The new pedway project appears to be stalled because of a serious height discrepancy. 

On June 28, 2021 this discrepancy was discovered by the EKU facilities team. The original design of the Bypass Pedway was awarded at a height of 17 feet and 6 inches. The Kentucky Transportation requirement for the pedway was a height of 17 feet. According to Colleen Chaney, the Chief of Communications Officer for Eastern Kentucky University, the issue is the height of the Bypass Pedway, which is currently only 16 feet and 9 inches.

The notice to proceed/date of commencement for this construction project began on August 17, 2020. The pedway was scheduled to be completed within 280 days, according to pre-bid meeting minutes dated June 30, 2020. According to Chaney, EKU and Omni have never halted work on the project.

Currently, Omni and Eastern Kentucky University legal teams are communicating with each other and are working on a plan to remedy the issue according to Chaney.

Several messages were left at the Omni office for comment concerning this pedway, those calls were not returned. 


  1. They should have followed Renfro Valley’s example and gone underground. Never a chance of anther dump truck incident..
    If you are not familiar with Renfro Valley, they have attractions on each side of US 25. The below the highway tunnel works great.

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