Daycare Worker Arrested After Not Reporting Dropping 5-Month-Old Child on Head


On August 16th, Richmond police report being dispatched to a daycare operation on Lexington Rd, in reference to an unresponsive 5-month-old that was possibly having a seizure.

The child was treated at UK Children’s Hospital, where it was determined the injuries of the child were consistent with abuse. The child was also reportedly diagnosed with Bilateral Subdural Hematoma or Brain bleeds.

Upon initial investigations, Detectives of the Richmond Police Department noted 22-year-old Tyeisha Smith, A daycare worker, as the prime suspect. It was reported that she was working the day the symptoms surfaced and she specifically denied observing any trauma occurring with the child.

Later this past Friday, Tyeisha reportedly consented to a polygraph test in Frankfort. There she admitted, according to the citation, that she lied about what happened previously, and began to tell officials that she dropped the child while she was standing. She also admitted to not seeking medical help for the child, out of fear that her co-workers would be disappointed.

Smith was arrested and lodged in the Madison County Detention Center on charges of Criminal Abuse 1st Degree of Child Under 12.

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