Madison County woman arrested after biting husband


This past Saturday, in the Lakeshore Drive area, Kentucky State Police responded to a call regarding a domestic dispute. Upon arrival Police reportedly made contact with 47-year-old Danielle Hayes and her husband.

Police report speaking to Hayes first and allegedly observed her in an intoxicated state being uneasy on her feet and having slurred speech. Hayes reportedly stated that she had been drinking but the altercation started when she believed her husband had been hacking the internet and was spying on her and the kids. She also stated that she believed her husband was cheating.

She further stated according to the citation, that she decided to confront him about the matters she listed, when he allegedly became irate and put her in a choke hold. Causing the kids to call police after she yelled for help.

Police then interviewed the husband who allegedly stated that Hayes approached him in the kitchen and suddenly started yelling and cussing at him about cheating and hacking the internet. He further stated that she started attacking him and he turned away from Hayes in an effort to resist an altercation. He then stated that Hayes reportedly put him in a choke-hold and began biting his neck. Then when she got off of him she began yelling for the kids to call the police.

Police observed bite marks on the husbands neck which had turned purple and continued to bleed .

Hayes was arrested and lodged in the Madison County Detention Center on a charge of Assault 4th degree.

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