NBA Player Pleads Guilty on Marijuana Charge Here in Richmond


By Copelin Peterson

The Charlotte Hornets player Montrezl Harrell has pled guilty to possession of marijuana. Harrell was caught with marijuana last May during a traffic stop here in Richmond.

Today in Madison District court Harrell Plead guilty to charges of possession of marijuana, with conditions that, should he get into anymore legal trouble during the next 12 months he will most likely spend time in jail.

According to court documents Harrell was a passenger in a vehicle that got pulled over. According to reports the driver was following to closely which prompted the officer to pull the vehicle over. Upon walking up to the vehicle the officer smelled marijuana. Harrell admitted that he was in possession of the drug and was found with a small amount of the substance on his person.

After searching the vehicle the officers found three pound of vacuum sealed marijuana and Harrell was subsequently charged with trafficking of marijuana. During the court case the charges were amended to possession of marijuana resulting in a lesser sentence.