Entire Madison County neighborhood to close, tenants given 40 days to vacate


Editors note: In a follow up to our original story, Latonya Hager clarified that out of the subdivision, only 19 families remain to relocate. This includes one elderly couple that she states she is helping with their transition. Even though the leases were month to month, 30-day leases, they gave all remaining tenants at least 40 days. Although the subdivision has around 50 homes, only 19 families remain and they are doing what they can to help those people find new accomodations.

Residents in the Bluegrass Homes subdivision recently got notices that their month-to-month leases have been terminated by Stanley Properties LLC, the company that manages the properties next to the Bluegrass Army Depot. Bluegrass Homes subdivision is located on U.S. 421 just off U.S. 25 next to the entrance of the Bluegrass Army Depot. The subdivision land is owned by the Bluegrass Army Depot.

WBON-TV9 spoke with LaTonya Hager, the Managing Member of Stanley Properties LLC, and she explained that she had cancelled the lease agreement between the Bluegrass Army Depot and Stanley Properties LLC due to her personal health concerns. LaTonya had taken over running the company full-time after her mother, Donna Stanley, passed away in June 2021. The original lease was for 75 years, which has now expired. According to LaTonya Hager, after 70 plus years, the homes are just past their useful life and the decision to end the lease, unfortunately, leaves the current residents looking for other places to live. Many residents are upset with Stanley Properties LLC management and the 40-day notices they received and say they could have been given much more time to find alternative housing, but it truly is an unfortunate ending for the company and the residents of the Bluegrass Home subdivision, that consists of around 50 homes, mostly of low income and elderly residents. Bluegrass Army Depot owns the land where the homes are located.

The Public Affairs office at the Bluegrass Army Depot was contacted, and messages were left concerning the lease termination by Stanley Properties LLC. The Public Affairs office did not respond to our request for information.


  1. This is sad for the ppl that have to find a new place to live. It’s low income which means the ppl that live there can’t afford to pay a ridiculous amount of money to rent a place. Most low income housing is already full or have a long waiting list. So what are these ppl supposed to do…mainly the elderly or ppl with kids? I’m so sorry for everyone that’s having to deal with this. I hope and pray something good comes out of this. #buildmorelowincomehousing

  2. Thoughts on the mind come into play. She cleaned out her son and her office 3 days before she served everyone with a termination of their lease. Sure they are month to month leases. But that does not mean wait until the last second when you know that your contract is up to not let no one find a place and still milk people for their money when they could be using that money to getting a new place to live. As for deposits, I know no one is going to get it back. These houses the floors buckle because their hardwood floors from the 50’s. And she never put any work into these houses, she fired her maintenance man about 3 months ago. And never rehired another one. She knew that long ago that she would be getting rid of these houses. I have it on recording, her saying that she fixes these houses up cheap, Tim was her cheap man, she ain’t putting money. Not a lot into these houses. I used to live there, the houses that she has torn down has had asbestos and black mold growing in them. I bet if anybody got a test kit and tested their home, they would find it in theirs as well.

  3. Exactly what has she done? 40 days is not enough time to find anything these days. Sickening!!!They should at least have had 60 days….

  4. It’s a hard situation for all involved I worked for Mrs. Stanley for years. When you don’t own the property it’s really hard as a management company to keep sinking thousands of dollars into something that’s not yours. The army owns those houses and they don’t spend one cent to repair them and make them livable so it’s up to the management company to sink money into the property and never see any gains…they are just beyond repair at this point.

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