Bad Trip Turns into Hospital Trip for One Monticello Man in Berea.


Early Sunday morning, a Monticello man was arrested in Berea for four different charges.

Berea officers report responding to Dreyfus road in reference to a vehicle injury collision with a Toyota Passenger car. When officers arrived, they reportedly found the car on top of hay bales in a field next to the road.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as 24 year old Isreal Rains was still in the car when officers arrived, and was reportedly unresponsive.

The Madison County Fire Department reportedly arrived and began to move Rains out of the car when he then regained consciousness and started moving erratically. While being removed, Rains allegedly shoved his elbow into the Fire Department Captain’s face.

The Captain went to Baptist health of Richmond believing his nose could have been broken later on that night.

Rains was handcuffed after and officers reportedly described his eyes as dilated. Rains was unable to stand and was allegedly not answering any questions from the officers.

Rains also reportedly believed that the paramedic he was speaking to was god and that he was controlling everything around him.

Rains was taken to Baptist Health and his pockets were searched, where officers allegedly found a bag of Marijuana.

When Rains was taken to the Madison County Detention Center, Rains allegedly stated he had taken LSD around midnight prior to driving.

Rains was charged with Possession of Marijuana, Criminal Mischief of the 3rd Degree, Assault of the 3rd Degree, and Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance.