Richmond Women Arrested on Drug Charges Following Traffic Stop


On Friday July 15th, a Richmond woman, Elizabeth Issacs, was arrested in relation to a warrant for her arrest.

Issacs was the passenger in a vehicle reported to Richmond police as stolen. During a traffic stop Issacs gave permission to an officer to search the vehicle for the keys. When searching the vehicle, a deputy allegedly found a small glass vile in Issacs purse. Inside the vile was allegedly a white crystalized substance thought to be Methamphetamine.

Issacs was then asked by deputies to stand up from her seated position on the ground, and upon doing so, a glass pipe with burn marks and residue allegedly fell out onto the ground. Issacs then allegedly admitted the substance was methamphetamine. She stated that she found the drug when she was cleaning the house she was currently staying at.

Issacs was then taken to the Madison County Detention Center where she was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance of the 1st Degree and charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.