Local woman shares story of scam she encountered while apartment shopping in Richmond


When Casandra Dyer was looking on Facebook Marketplace for her daughter an apartment, she never thought she would fall victim to a scam, but that’s exactly what happened when she found a place listed on Remington Court in Richmond and she messaged the woman listing it.

According to Dyer, the woman stated her and her ex-husband had just recently purchased the complex and were trying to rent the last unit. The woman went as far as asking Dyer if they could use the stackable washer and dryer in the unit, as they had no place to store it.  That sounded even better, as her daughter didn’t have a washer or dryer. 

The woman listing the apartment later messaged Dyer back, stating she had 4 interested parties to show the unit to, and whoever paid the deposit first would get it. Anxious to secure the place, Dyer requested the application and agreed to pay the deposit using cash app.  The party listing the property also agreed to give her the code to a lock box to get the keys to the unit.

It wasn’t until the next day Dyer realized she had been scammed. She went to the unit and met the real owner, who was very sympathetic to her plight Dyer said.  Since sending the deposit payment the woman professing to own the property has since deactivated the Facebook page and her cash app account.

Dyer and her family are not only angry and embarrassed by the ordeal, but the $720 deposit she lost is a lot of money to them right now. They have contacted State Police, and Chase Bank, and is awaiting a police report to see if anything can be done, but she is doubtful she will ever see her money again.  She agreed to share her story to help others not fall victim to these and other such scams running rampant on the internet.