Active shooter situation in Allen community of Floyd County **UPDATE** Further details


According to Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt, the subject is now in custody from this evenings long stand off with law enforcement officials. According to Sheriff Hunt, Floyd County deputies went earlier this evening to serve papers on the subject on Railroad Street in Allen, and were immediately met with gunfire. The subject reportedly then barricaded himself and traded fire with officers. Hunt also dispelled earlier rumors on social media that he, himself was shot.

The sheriff says several Floyd County Deputy’s sustained injurys, and possibly members of other law enforcement agencies. The officers were taken to area hospitals for treatment, and the extent of their injuries are unknown.


WBON-TV9 has confirmation that at least one, possibly as many as three have been shot during what is still being described an active shooter situation on Main Street at Allen. Reports state, this is a hostage situation possibly involving multiple family members. The purported shooter has barricaded himself inside a home in Allen with the hostages.

Apparently, according to reports we have received, the incident began around 5 p.m. today as a domestic dispute. The woman, according to eyewitnesses, was beaten and EMT’s responded to the scene. Reportedly, shots were fired at emergency workers and law enforcement officials.

This scene is still being described as an active shooter scene.

KY Route 1428 between Citizens Bank of KY and Allen curve is currently closed as a result. The incident is reportedly on Main Street. WBON is following the story.