Residents of Woodland Avenue rally to try to save home from destruction


Several residents on Woodland Avenue came out Thursday night to protest the City’s planned destruction of a home in their neighborhood, one of the older neighborhoods in Richmond.

The city recently voted to tear down the home, and since then a local couple from the neighborhood has been working with a lawyer to take possession of the home from the current owner and take care of back taxes and liens. Their plans were to restore the home rather than have it demolished. Thursday afternoon, the City’s backhoe arrived to tear down the house resulting in, what residents state, a stand off between many of the neighbors of Woodland Avenue area and the backhoe operator. Shortly thereafter, RPD and code enforcement units arrived to sort out the matter.

As of Friday morning talks with city officials and the interested parties were underway to try to buy the home a little more time to work through the matter. Those talked, as of today, were reported as promising.

In an update to this story, city officials have released the following statement. “The City of Richmond has followed the legal path to remedy this nuisance property that has been abandoned for a decade now. The property has has been condemned, multiple fines have been issued and it also has a lien on it.” 355 Woodland Ave has had public hearings in front of the Codes Enforcement Board and there was also a appeal period. The codes Enforcement Board voted and approved an Order to demolition the house and City was following the direction of this Order.” For more on this subject, tune in to todays live at five newscast.