City of Stanton installs City’s first street cameras


The City of Stanton Police Department recently installed the City’s first street cameras at the intersection of East/West College Avenue and North/South Main Street in Stanton. According to today’s press release, these cameras will help law enforcement better investigate and solve crimes here in Stanton and Powell County.

Chief Arthur Lacy states “Sergeant Ian Morton and Sergeant Billy Rice (leaders on this project), along with the support of Mayor Allen and the Stanton City Council, have truly elevated our abilities to investigate crimes in the city and to better protect our citizens.” These cameras are not to be confused with traffic cameras observed in other areas. There will be no enforcement of traffic laws based solely on these cameras. These cameras will be utilized to prevent and solve crimes that occur in the City of Stanton, like thefts and other such crimes.

A 24/7 dedicated monitor will be placed at Powell County Dispatch Center to potentially provide life saving information to the public and first responders.

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