Alleged Walmart Shoplifter Obtains More Charges After Giving False Name


On Sunday, The Richmond Police Department report responding to a call in reference to an alleged shoplifter at the Richmond Walmart.

An Associate of the store reportedly advised Police of a male subject later identified as Delver Isaacs, wearing a cutoff red cutoff t-shirt, a black backpack and jeans. The associate also additionally advised police that the suspect was allegedly using his backpack to conceal stolen items.

Police report observing Isaacs leave the store, and according to the citation asked him to enter the office of the store to investigate the shoplifting complaint. Isaacs reportedly consented to a search of his backpack, where several stolen items were located such as batteries, headlamps and a 2 liter soda, all totaling out around $123.61.

Delver Isaacs then proceeded to allegedly give officers a false name with the alias Dennis Isaacs. After a thorough search from dispatch it was reportedly determined that the suspects real name was Delver Isaacs.

Isaacs was then arrested on charges of Shoplifting and Giving an Officer False Identifying Information, he was lodged in the Madison County Detention Center.

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