Bereans asked to conserve energy to avoid possible electric blackouts during heatwave


Berea Municipal Utilities is informing customers that they have been notified by Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) that their electric service area will be under a maximum generation capacity advisory Wednesday starting at 8 AM until further notice.

Due to an ongoing heat wave stretching across the large portion of the US the MISO market is expected to be near their anticipated capacity limits. If you are a BMU customer, you are asked to help with energy load reduction by following some simple procedures.

*Be smart with your thermostats and set your thermostat at 75 or higher.

*Close your curtains or blinds to restrict direct sunlight from entering your home over business.

*Avoid using the oven.

*Turn off nonessential lighting

*Use fans instead of turning down the thermostat

*Lower your water heating cost by taking cooler showers avoiding baths, and washing clothes in cold water

*Unplug nonessential electronic devices 

They say these measures could reduce the risk of temporary blackouts for BMU customers, and you can save money on your monthly energy bills. For further information you may call 859-986-4391

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