Coroner and large law presence remain on scene at deceased Jessamine County Sheriffs home


Nicholasville Police, State Police, Jessamine County Sheriff’s units, and the Jessamine County Coroner have all descended at the home of Jessamine County Sheriff, Kevin Corman on Maple Street since around 4 this afternoon. It is now confirmed that Sheriff Corman has died, of what is reported to be natural causes.

Corman, a beloved and respected law man in the County has been reelected as sheriff for 20 years in Jessamine County. The law man recently made news himself as Corman was arrested and pleaded guilty to a DUI last fall and lost his license. The mis step in judgment seemed to cost him his position in the recent primary, when current Sargeant Kevin Grimes won over Corman by a 3 to 2 margin.

WBON will have further details when available and proper.