Auditor Releases Report for Madison County Sheriff’s Department


The Madison County Sheriff’s fourth quarter report has been released by Auditor Mike Harmon’s office, and according to the team, contained material inaccuracies. This is a repeat finding and was included in the prior year audit report. The sheriff’s fourth quarter report, which serves as the sheriff’s financial statement, was materially misstated reporting $1,042,953 of prior year receipts, including tax commissions. The fourth quarter report continues that it also reflected a discrepancy in disbursements for calendar year 2020 and required an adjustment.

The sheriff’s disbursements ledger reflected $13,700 more in expenditures than was recorded on the fourth quarter financial statement. Internal controls were not in place to ensure that all receipts and disbursements were posted correctly to the ledgers or quarterly reports. Misstatements could result in an increased risk of uncorrected errors, theft, loss, or misappropriated assets according to the release by the Auditor.