Multiple fire agencies respond to structure fire at Dreyfus


Wednesday evening, May 11, a call came in around 8 p.m. for a structure fire at a residence at 2070 Dreyfus Road. No cause of the fire has been released at this time. It was an active scene with Red Lick Fire Department responding first, with the team deploying a special drafting procedure, which involves the teams pulling water to the truck pump as opposed to forcing water into the truck pump from a hydrant or tanker truck. Multiple drop tanks (which are like swimming pools) are set up for the pumper to keep a constant draft from while the tankers on scene can back up to them and just free dump their water in them. Madison County Fire and Rescue, Berea Fire Department, Waco Fire and rescue, along with Bluegrass Army Depot Fire and Rescue were also on scene responding.

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