Following Rescue of 3 Kayakers, First Responders Issue Warnings


Wolfe county search and rescue was once again hard at work, as Monday they received a call from Powell County Search and Rescue regarding three overdue Kayakers. Team members quickly located one of the group’s vehicles at the Big Branch Canoe Launch located on the Upper Red River.

The second vehicle was not located until Tuesday morning at the Bison Way Trail Head. Once it was confirmed that the group was still actually on the river, Kentucky State Police dispatched a helicopter to try and make a visual on the group. A member of Powell County SAR who happened to be hiking along Douglas Trail encountered the trio on foot near the narrows on the Red River and assisted them making their way back to the trail head.

They continue that it was found that the group had flipped their kayaks multiple times and ended up spending the night along a cliff line sheltering from rain. Luckily, the group had provisions, flashlight, an emergency blanket and were able to start a fire to ward off hypothermia.

Search and rescue officials use this story as a reminder that they cannot stress it enough, if you are not a skilled boater, do not attempt the Upper Red River. Plan ahead, and make certain you know where you are launching at your intended put in.