Madison County Grand Jury hands down indictments for Gilday


The man charged with invading the home of Richmond resident C. Wesley Morgan and killing his eldest daughter, Jordan Morgan, was indicted by the Grand Jury of the Madison County Circuit Court on Wednesday for charges of capital murder, attempted murder, first degree assault, first degree burglary, and first degree criminal mischief. 

The indictment continues that Gilday is also charged with one count of murder for causing the murder of Jordan Morgan by shooting her multiple times. He faces three additional counts of attempted murder for shooting at former State Representative C. Wesley Morgan, his wife Lindsey, and their daughter, Sydney with the intent to cause their deaths. 

The shocking home invasion and murder occurred February 22, 2022. Gilday was then found almost a week later by a Madison County Deputy, apparently heading back to the crime scene. Gilday fled on I-75 to Florda the night of the crime and caught a ride back with an unsuspecting motorist to the exit of Morgans home in Richmond. A Madison County Deputy Sheriff observed Gilday walking across the interstate bridge moments after his arrival back in Madison County, walking towards the crime scene. He was then arrested and afterwards, according to Kentucky State Police investigators, Gilday confessed to the murder of Jordan Morgan and shooting of Wesley Morgan, as well as casing the family’s movements for days, while lurking in the nearby woods.