Trailer thefts on the rise in Estill County


The Estill Co Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft of the trailer pictured below. According to Sheriff Chris Flynn, the theft occurred in the Wisemantown Road area Saturday night or in the early morning hours on Sunday. If anyone has any information please contact dispatch at 606-723-2201 or the Sheriff’s Office during normal hours at 606-723-2323. You can also send a message to their FB page.

Flynn says, “Trailer thefts are on a rise in our area. They seem to be targeting trailers sitting in driveways that are easily accessible and close to the road so that they can back in, hook it up, and pull out onto the roadway quickly.” If you have a trailer parked in an area like this, Flynn advises you to try and move it out of sight or secure it in a way to keep someone from targeting it.