Drama erupts in Estill County School System, involving West Irvine music teacher


Another firestorm erupted last week involving the Estill County School System. This time, surrounding around a music teacher’s alleged behavior in the classroom. Yesterday, the teacher at the center of the matter, announced his resignation.  The teacher, Tyler Clay Morgan, announced his resignation publicly Monday via his Facebook page. Morgan also asked for privacy to grieve and process the whole ordeal for now.

This latest school board controversy erupted last week on the social media platform when parents, citizens and members of the LGBTQ community clashed over the teacher’s treatment and those who took issue with the many vitriolic comments surrounding the teacher and his conduct with children in 3rd to 5th grade. Many also were quick to condemn Superintendent Jeff Saylor for what they perceived as his ‘knee jerk” reaction prior to a proper investigation.  Saylor issued a comment on behalf of the Estill County Board of Education Thursday saying, “I have just been informed of this matter” and assured all that the situation with Morgan “would not be tolerated.”

Morgan had written the message in the classroom in the feature photo above. It said, “You are free to be yourself with me, you matter.” The writing included a rainbow flag and rainbow lettering, and also a reference to “Dino’s Nuggets,” who several have claimed was a slang reference to male genitalia. Others made further, yet unproven, accusations about private meetings Morgan allegedly had with children involving other inappropriate subject matter.

Even though Morgan and Estill County Superintendent Jeff Saylor were supposed to meet yesterday, neither have been willing to discuss further specifics of the original incident that occurred on Wednesday, March 30 at the West Irvine Intermediate School.