KSP Detective: Gilday Planned to Use “Any Means Necessary” in Morgan Home Invasion


Shannon Gilday has been accused of breaking into the home of, and later shooting former Kentucky Representative C. Wesley Morgan and fatally wounding his daughter Jordan Morgan. On Wednesday, Gilday sat beside a public defender as Kentucky State Police Detective Cameron Allen recalled what he says Gilday stated during police interviews.

According to Allen, Gilday told investigators that he had been surveilling the Morgan home in the days leading up to the home invasion, and was prepared to take any means necessary to secure the bunker located on the premises.

Prior to attempting to force his way into the bunker, investigators say Gilday had located a tunnel entrance into the bunker, but was unable to gain entry this way. It was after this time, that Gilday allegedly began planning the home invasion.

Detective Cameron Allen told the court, “He [Gilday] told me he was willing to kill everyone inside the residence, if necessary, in order to access that bunker”.