Detroit man jailed on assault charge after allegedly hitting pedestrian at local gas station


The driver of a U-haul was taken to the Madison County Detention Center on a first degree assault charge following a wreck at a local gas station. Saturday night, Richmond Police along with fire responders were called to the former Estepp shell at the Richmond Centre. A U-haul truck reportedly hit a vehicle, then circled the building.

The driver of the hit vehicle attempted to stop the U-haul driver when he was struck, however the U-haul driver reportedly hit a barrier post protecting the gas pumps, and ruptured the U-haul’s gas line. The gas tank then spilled gas onto the lot.

The driver, 29-year-old Johnathan Demetrius Buchanan of Detroit, Michigan was taken into custody on the assault charge as the pedestrian had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Fire units were on scene as a preventative measure to control the flammables. A reconstruction team was also brought in.