Being thoughtful of your outside pets and animals needs in winter


With another round of winter weather predicted this weekend, remember to make some common sense provisions for your outside pets or animals.  Most dogs (like us) enjoy the snow for a while, but being exposed to ice, sleet and snow too long, makes miserable conditions for any living thing.

Most outside pets and animals will fair fine as long as they have a good, dry shelter out of the wind and elements.  The more fresh dry bedding (hay, straw, dry rags) the better. Cold, wet or damp environments are a threat. Extreme winter weather and cold temps are stressful on outside pets and animals, so access to food and water is also important.  Many older or physically challenged folks may not be able to do these things for their outside critters, so always be neighborly if you see any animals in unsafe or poor winter conditions and offer assistance to help make these simple provisions for them.  

Obviously, if someone is purposely being neglectful of their pets or animals, and they are in deplorable or life-threatening situations in winter weather, report those cases to the proper authorities.