Big expansions planned for CKRA in Madison County


Big expansions are underway for the Central Kentucky Regional Airport in Madison County. . Many projects are underway that will benefit the community and region, Madison County Airport Board officials said Tuesday.According to a press release by the City of Berea, the projects were discussed at Tuesday’s board meeting that touched on airport improvements, as well as discussion of services that would serve local pilots and aviation enthusiasts.Board member Todd Bloch revealed that the application process to secure $1,024,000 in funding for a waterline/sewer extension project is in the final stages as airport officials work to satisfy environmental requirements. The project will extend an eight-inch water line to the airport from the Madison Southern Water District, as well as extending a forced main sewer line from Berea Municipal Utilities. Wyatt said the project will enable homeowners near the line to connect to the two services.

Board Chair George Wyatt said prospects for securing the loans are good, with possible completion of the infrastructure project by summer. “We’re expecting a positive response on the grant within a month or so,” Wyatt said.

With the anticipated construction of a new terminal building at CKRA this year, Wyatt said the new waterline will allow for better fire protection, which will lower insurance rates for the airport and surrounding residents. It will also lower insurance rates for prospective corporate clients that wish to park corporate planes in Madison County.

“A lot of good things are happening, and we’ve had good help from the three governments and the community that has enabled us to do this,” Wyatt said. “We’re very appreciative, but we pay that back by enabling corporate access, which helps drive employment. We provide a good service to corporate clients and that spills over into the local economy when jobs are created.”