KYTC: Snow Updates and Reminder of Black Ice Issues


District 7 personnel worked overnight plowing and treating routes. Crews continue the work this morning and throughout today.

Salt and calcium treatments have increased effectiveness once temperatures rise. The public is advised to stay home if at all possible. If you must travel, drive very slowly with complete attention focused on the road.

Interstates and parkways are open with traffic moving very slowly. A reminder that black ice can form on previously treated roadways. Black ice is water that refreezes. In addition, areas that do not receive regular sunlight can refreeze and remain frozen for a period of time.

The KYTC snow and ice information website provides details about priority routes, helpful winter weather tips, fact sheets and videos on salt application and snow removal:

Additionally, the public can monitor weather operations in real time on the state’s interactive traffic system to find out what is happening on state routes in their local counties:

Forecast from the National Weather Service: