EF-1 Tornado Confirmed in Madison County


Officials with the National Weather Service and Madison County EMA have determined the cloud formation and storm that was witnessed by thousands yesterday, was another EF-1 category tornado, packing confirmed winds up to 105 to 110 miles per hour. This is three EF-1 tornados confirmed in Madison County in around three weeks.

The NWS reports the path of the funnel started around town, in the vicinity of Lexington Road, moved across the bypass and traveled to the Union City area. A total path of around 1.6 miles. Unlike the other recent tornadoes that crept in by dark of night, this one formed a little before 2 p.m. Saturday for all to see. Many captured video, pictures, and witnessed the breath taking magnitude of the system.

Dustin Hieser, Madison County EMA Director tells WBON-TV9 their local investigation is consistent and coincides with the National Weather Services findings. Hieser says they have assessed about 18 of the hardest hit cases, most all concentrated in the area of Union City. Namely, Noland Road, Walker Parke Road, and Doylesville. Hieser stressed if you have damage and EMA has not talked to you yet, or your worried you were missed, please contact them at the Emergency Management agency asap.

The silver lining again, no injuries reported, which is a bit of a New Years miracle considering the size and scope of the tornado. For that, we can all be thankful.

WBON-TV9 will return to our “LIVE at FIVE” daily newscast Tuesday, and we will recap all the dramatic pictures and videos of this tornado on the newscast then, we hope you will join us.