Another Tornado in Madison County?


The terms “possible” and “potential” tornado was bantered about a lot today after a suspicious cloud formation crawled across Madison County during a tornado warning around 2 p.m. today. The system began in the area of Lexington Road, moved across the Robert R. Martin bypass and meandered on to Union City, where most of the damage occurred.

WBON-TV9 Facebook page was bombarded with amazing video from viewers and staff who followed the developing weather conditions. The photos depict the rotating cloud and the ensuing damage, including down trees and power lines, blocked roads, and property damage. One area that includes Noland’s Road Walter Parke Road, suffered extreme damage with many houses and barns described as “destroyed.”

Local EMA officials and NWS will be investigating to make a determination as to how the storm will be officially classified. EMA director Dustin Hieser tells WBON-TV9 that reporting your damage from the storm is essential to making that assessment. ” Tornados can rise and lower and ‘skip’ one area then hit another” Hieser says, “so it is very important we receive this feedback from all affected.” For all the pictures and video from today visit (7) WBON TV | Facebook.

Tomorrow morning EMA officials will resume investigating the path and damage of the storm. The good news today, we’re happy to report, we know of no one that was hurt or injured. 2022 definitely came in like a “lion” so hopefully(like March) it will go out like a lamb. At least we have that going for us….Maybe.


  1. Glad someone is reporting about this for us to confirm what’s happened after a comment during the football game.

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