Berea Police discourage giving to panhandlers

a homeless man holding a sign isolated on white.

“Say No To Panhandling, Give To Local Charities,” is a better way, according to Berea Police Department.

BPD states, as a community, charities have been created to benefit those in need in various capacities. Panhandling has been a solution for most as a job or a financial gain around our most traveled intersections. To keep our community safer and in the effort of reducing traffic in the busy intersections, we ask you to donate to the charities instead of the panhandlers. The Berea Food Bank has partnered with BPD in creation of a program to better assist the community with lodging/transportation and food. These charities include:

•BFCO (Berea Faith Community Outreach)- -Food

•RITI (Room in the Inn)

•Berea Baptist Closet–Clothing

•The Mission–Clothing•Goodwill–Career Opportunities•

KY River Foothill–Transportation

•Intrust–Case management & therapeutic Services

•Mindsight-Case management & therapeutic Services