City of Richmond Donating Police Cruiser to Dawson Springs

file photo

Following last week’s devastating and tragic tornadoes in western Kentucky, the City of Richmond is donating a police cruiser to the City of Dawson Springs to aid in their efforts as they begin to recover.

“It makes me proud that we as a city are able to look into our resources and find ways to assist those going through something so unimaginable,” said Mayor Robert Blythe. “The Richmond Police Department is sufficiently equipped and we have vehicles in use that are available to be donated to those without at the City of Dawson Springs. We hope it gives them the assistance they need to do their job.”

Teri Johnson, Member Relations Manager for the Kentucky League of Cities, provided contact information and the Mayor and Commissioners quickly responded once the need for the vehicle was identified. Dawson Springs Mayor Chris Smiley was excited and happily accepted the vehicle when it was offered. The cruiser will be delivered to Dawson Springs on Friday.

“Our department is happy that we are able to aid the City of Dawson Springs and the Dawson Springs Police Department with an emergency vehicle they can use to provide service to a community in desperate need of assistance,” said Richmond Police Chief Rodney Richardson.