Rescued Pig now Living in Hog Heaven, Former Owner Charged

Lexington/Fayette Animal Care and Control Facebook

The Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control had some good news to report this week, as a formerly abused pig is now happy and healthy following a rescue. According to the post on social media, during the early summer the group received a call regarding a welfare check on several animals.

When they arrived, a trailer was located that contained two goats and two pigs. The trailer was in direct sunlight and the animals were being kept in wire dog crates with a tarp covering them, with no access to water according to animal officials.

One of the pigs was unresponsive, red in color, and hot to the touch, leading an officer to recognize that the pig was suffering from heatstroke and immediately transferred him to their facility to receive care.

The staff veterinarian treated him for not only heatstroke but also a bacterial infection that can be fatal for pigs and dangerous to humans. For several days staff reported his condition was touch and go until he slowly started to get better and walk on his own.

The pig, now named Evan, is living happily at Red Oak Animal Rescue- ROAR.

Animal Care and Control also added that the previous owner is now convicted of multiple counts of the improper care of animals as well as keeping pigs (and goats) within city limits.

They remind that as always, animals rely on YOU to be eyes and ears in the community. To report abuse and/or neglect, call our dispatcher at 859-255-9033.