Stolen Christmas Gifts Returned to Family Following Arrest


Keep in mind as the holidays approach that porch pirates have been reported and arrested in the area for stealing packages and deliveries. One of these was reported by the Powell County Sheriff’s office, where deputies say they responded to a residence on James Crowe Hollow Road in reference to stolen packages.

The reporting party advised that they had returned home to find their packages had been stolen from their mailbox after being delivered earlier that day. These packages, they said, included Christmas gifts for their children and was valued at approximately $200.

After speaking to the victims and neighbors, it was determined by police that Danny Strange was a potential suspect in the theft. Deputies were able to locate Strange at a residence on Brittany Lane and find him to be in possession of the stolen items. Police add that the items were returned to the victims. 42-year old Strange was charged with Possession Of Stolen Mail Matter.

Police encourage everyone to keep track of their mail and packages and choose a safe place for drop-off to decrease the chances of having your valued items and gifts from being stolen. Surveillance cameras are also helpful.