Shocking Photos Posted by Hazard High Show Seemingly Inappropriate “Man Pageant”


An event that took place at Hazard High School where pictures of which were posted on social media has sparked quite the social media firestorm. Tuesday, a “man pageant” was held at the school in the gym, where male students dressed up in bikinis and women’s underwear and appeared to dance on teachers and staff, including the principal himself. Oddly enough, the school then allowed the pictures, which you can see here edited to keep the minors out, to be posted on their page.

The post has now been taken down, but the pictures here have been circulating widely, with tens of thousands of comments, mostly from outraged and shocked parents. WBONTV spoke to the poster of the widely shared post, who said that she is a minor herself and that is why she felt it was important to show the actions taking place, which show shock from students in the background and smiling and laughing adults. However she said that no one has reached out to her from the school board.

The school has yet to issue a formal statement, but said that an investigation is underway and appropriate action is expected to be taken.


  1. There are sick evil perverts in Hazard KY within your school system and city government. These people have shed a very ugly light on Hazard KY. God has been removed and replaced with nasty adults getting off on high school students. I pray Hazard KY is not an example of the American heartland. If so, we are all morally doomed. Hopefully parents and citizens will fix what is broken. You have the prayers of many Americans.

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