Couple Charged with Manslaughter Following Death of 7 Month Old


Thursday morning, Berea Police report that they responded to a call regarding a 7 month old baby boy not breathing. According to the citation, the parents, identified as Cody and Savannah Northern, told police that the baby had allegedly gotten choked while drinking from a bottle. The infant was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Berea and later pronounced deceased.

Upon examination by hospital staff, the citation details that the child was found with several serious injuries that were not indicative of choking. These included hemorrhaging in the brain, a possible skull fracture to the baby’s head, multiple lower rib fractures, as well as fractures to the legs and femur.

Upon completion of the autopsy at the State Medical Examiner’s Office Friday, officials determined that the manner of death was a homicide.

They noted multiple brain hemorrhages, a spinal cord hemorrhage, multiple rib fractures, abrasions and contusions to the torso and head as well as rest of body including lower extremities. The citation notes that the victim was not mobile and unable to sit up on his own.

Both parents were then interviewed according to Berea Police on Friday. Savannah stated to police that allegedly no one else had access to the baby boy. In the interviews, Savannah added that Cody had given him a bottle in the middle of the night and then put him back to bed.

Savannah also allegedly told police that Cody “blacks out” when he gets mad and tends to forget things. However, she continued in the recorded interview to investigators that she does not believe he would hurt their child.

Police note that Cody, on the other hand, answered few questions and then allegedly said he did not wish to continue the interviews.

Both were placed under arrest and are lodged in the Madison County Detention Center and charged with manslaughter 1st degree.