A Dark Night for Local Football Teams


By Dawson Rule

No Friday Night Lights in Madison County, a statement that would have been true a few weeks ago, when the season had yet to begin.

The Berea Community, and the Madison Southern vs Madison Central County Clash games were both cancelled this week due to Covid outbreaks on both Southern and Berea, leaving every team without a replacement game. Madison Central, the only team unaffected by Covid, scrambled to find a replacement game but called off the efforts late Wednesday afternoon.

After last years Covid season, many thought we would have a return to a regular schedule and year. We’ve now seen in the 3rd week that any game played from here on out is a blessing. Neither Southern nor Central wanted to cancel the counties biggest rivalry, but when Madison Southern’s team was struck with Covid, their twitter page stated

“As bad as we want to play football, there are times where it just isn’t the most important thing, and right now we are in such a time. Our program is being ravaged by Covid. We ask for prayers for the health of all our players, students, coaches, and families”.

The stadium lights may be shut off this Friday in Madison county, but for diehard High school football fans, a quick trip up I-75 could satisfy that gridiron fix. Fredrick Douglass High school is slated to play at Lafayette High tonight.

Barring any more cancellations, Madison Central plans to play at home against a winless South Laurel team on the 10th while Madison Southern will play at home against Lafayette. Berea will be on the road if they even can field a game due to the school being closed with Covid.

With contact tracing, it has made it more difficult for these teams to even have full rosters, let alone play a game as this week has shown us here in Madison County. Hopefully next Friday these teams can get safe and healthy and play some Friday night lights that football fans have been so desperately craving all summer long.