Madison County Schools Issue Back to School Plan


In a release just issued by Madison County Schools:

Message from Superintendent David Gilliam:

We know the value of face-to-face, in-person learning and our goal is to maximize those learning opportunities this year. In order to do this, we must have students and staff in attendance every day. We will continuously monitor many sources of data for our state and community, but the piece of data that will be most relevant to us during this school year is the impact of COVID infections and quarantine on student/staff attendance in our district.

In accordance with the KDPH Guidance for K-12 School Operations Madison County Schools will:

1. Continue to promote vaccination for all eligible individuals. (We have provided vaccination clinics throughout the summer and will continue to provide opportunities for vaccinations.)
2. Recommend (not require) masks for all persons while indoors in all classroom and non-classroom settings, unless otherwise exempted.
3. Require masks on regular bus routes to and from school.
4. Maintain physical distancing of at least 3 feet between K-12 students in classrooms where not everyone is fully vaccinated to the extent that it does not negatively impact instructional practices.
5. Recommend physical distancing of at least 6 feet between students and teachers/staff, and between unvaccinated teachers/staff.

We will continue the following mitigation practices:

  • Utilize cohorts or pods to the extent possible.
  • Teach and reinforce frequent handwashing.
  • Provide facility ventilation to the greatest extent possible to increase circulation of outdoor air.
  • Maintain regular cleaning efforts and consistent sanitation of high touch areas.
  • Ensure sick students, teachers, or staff stay home.
  • Ensure persons who test positive for COVID-19 self-isolate.
  • Direct sick persons to a health care provider to be tested.
  • Work with the local health department to facilitate case investigation and contact tracing.

We will start the year by continuing with many of our mitigation strategies (handwashing, sanitizing, seating charts, distancing when possible, etc.) but leave masking as a personal choice as long as attendance remains strong. If we should see a decrease in attendance during a time when community transmission numbers are high, then we will begin to phase in additional mitigation strategies that will include mandatory masking, increased social distance, and restrictions on group gatherings. A more detailed plan will be released in the coming days.

We will continue to utilize the guidance of the Kentucky Department for Public Health, the Kentucky Department of Education, and the CDC in our efforts to do what is best for our students, staff, and community.

We appreciate the support of our community as we work together to equip our students with the skills to lead by example, develop and speak with a unique voice, and explore their academic curiosity to make a positive impact on our community and world.