Berea Mayor Welcomes New City Administrator


During a specially called meeting on Tuesday, the Berea City Council has appointed a new City Administrator following the retirement of previous Administrator David Gregory. The Berea City Council named Beverly Rose as the City’s new Administrator. Rose was appointed in a seven-to-one vote with Council Member Jerry Little voting against her appointment. 

Rose’s start date has not been determined, and Berea Fire Department Chief Shawn Sandlin will serve in the position during the interim.

In a statement to WBONTV from Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley:

“Rose was consistently strong during the interview phase. Her experience as a current City Administrator was very important in the evaluation process and we expect her to hit the ground running. Anytime we have a new City Administrator, it is a significant moment for our city. As the new Chief Operating Officer, she brings a wealth of experience to the job. I look forward to working with her and seeing her independent perspective on our city, along with how we can work together with the city council and the citizens to move our city forward.”